Sporting Digest: Equestrianism

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ROME HORSE SHOW: Premio Comune di Roma: 1 Everest Dollar Girl (N Skelton, GB) clear, 32.70sec; 2 Everest Gammon (J Whitaker, GB) clear, 32.98; 3 Home Guard (G Dominici, It) 33.21. Premio Pincio: 1 Wum (K Gravemeier, Ger) clear, 66.02; 2 Osta Carpets Queen (J C Vangeenberghe, Bel) clear, 67.24; 3 Crown Royal Ramira (M Leone, US) clear, 68.88. Premio Azalee: 1 Sarcelle de Sisse (H Godignon, Fr) clear, 58.60; 2 Rosee des Pres (M Fuchs, Swit) clear, 61.08; 3 Bollworms Barber (R Bril, Neth) clear, 63.07.