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Kristina Gifford has been given her expected place on the shortlist for the European Open Three-Day Event Championships, which was announced yesterday. Gifford has been named with both her Badminton partners, General Jock, who finished fifth, and Midnight Blue II who was seventh.

FRIZZELL BRITISH THREE-DAY EVENT TEAM Short-list for European Open Championsips (Pratoni del Vivaro, It, 28 Sept to 1 Oct): C Bathe (The Cool Customer), K Dixon (Get Smart and Too Smart), K Gifford (General Jock and Midnight Blue II), C Hunnable (Mr Bootsie), L Jennings (Diamond Pedlar), C Nichol (Mistatiger), K Parker (Cornish Faer), G Parsonage (Magic Rogue), I Stark (Caliber), N Taylor (The Frenchman II and Nick of Time), M Thomson (King Kong and King William), E Watson (Last of the Incas).