Sporting Digest: Hockey

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SUE SLOCOMBE, England's coach, has rested four of Britain's Olympic bronze medallists - Jane Sixsmith, Sandie Lister, Kath Johnson and Tammy Miller - from the squad to play in the Home Countries Championship in Cardiff from 23 to 25 April.


ENGLAND SQUAD (v Wales, Home Countries Championship, Cardiff, 23-25 April): J Thompson, J Youngs (both Ipswich), C Reid, F Lee, C Cullen, C Cook (all Hightown), A Swindlehurst, S Brimble (both Clifton), J Green, J Smith (both Chelmsford), M Nicholls (Ealing), M Davies (capt), L Bayliss (both First Personnel Sutton Coldfield), S Gibson (Trojans), S Wright (Slough), L Cope (Leicester Balsam).

WALES: L Watkin (capt, First Personnel Sutton Coldfield), H Morgan, J Ball, S Powell, N Donald, W Davies, E James, B Lloyd (all Swansea), J Harris (Woking), D Jones (Colwyn Bay), M Robertson, H Thomas (both Cardiff Athletic), Y Williams, A Jones (both Clifton), R O'Bryan (Ealing), L Ellis (Buckley).