Sporting Digest: Sailing

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Paul Standbridge, back in charge of Dennis Conner's Toshiba, but racing in the colours of Jeep Cherokee for Colm Barrington, is on record-breaking schedule with about 24 hours to go in the Cork Dry Gin Round Ireland Race. Second, and also inside the time set by Lawrie Smith in Rothmans in 1990, is Mike Slade's Maxi Longobarda, racing as Bridgestone F1.

Nigel Musto and Andy Hindley won the monohull Group of the Two Handed Round Britain and Ireland Race Fourth Leg from Lerwick in to Lowestoft. That gave them a 90-minute accumulated lead over the other Open 60 pair, Mark Gatehouse and Adam Littlejohn. In the Multi-hulls, Peter Clutterbuck and Brian Thompson maintained a near 12-hour lead over Richard Tolkien and Robert Wingate.