Sporting Digest: Sailing

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LASER EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS (Hayling Island) Race One (Red and Green): 1 A Domingos (Por); 2 M Littlejohn (GB); 3 A Kirilyn (Rus). (Yellow and Blue): 1 F Bruni (It); 2 J Holst (Den); 3 T-A Kjer (Nor). (Black and Pink): 1 R Suomalainen (Fin); 2 P Lacoste (Fr); 3 N Skovly (Nor). Race Two (Blue and Pink): 1 E Melleby (Nor); 2 Lacoste; 3 A Willim (Ger). (Black and Green): 1 S Bowes-Cole (GB); 2 D Birgnark (Swe); 3 R Stenhouse (GB). (Red and Yellow): 1 Littlejohn; 2 Bruni; 3 A Casale (It). Race Three (Black and Yellow): 1 Bruni; 2 Kjer; 3 S Warkalla (Ger). (Red and Blue): 1 K Sunneson (Swe); 2 G Flanagan (Irl); 3 S Cockerill (GB). (Pink and Green): 1 Birgmark; 2 P Nocke (Ger); 3 Melleby.