Sporting Digest: Sailing

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NEW ZEALAND ENDEAVOUR, the Whitbread Round The World Race leader, yesterday broke and lost the top eight metres of her mizzen mast in strong winds in the Southern Ocean. The skipper Grant Dalton is pressing ahead on the second leg to Fremantle, Australia, but while still leading the maxi was being gained on by Lawrie Smith in the Whitbread 60 Intrum Justitia, her lead falling from 78 to 44 miles.

WHITBREAD ROUND THE WORLD RACE Second leg (Punta del Este, Urug, to Fremantle, Aus): Positions, with miles to the finish, as estimated by BT Results Service: Maxi class; 1 New Zealand Endeavour 3,205; 2 Merit Cup 3,307; 3 La Poste 3,374; 4 Uruguay Natural 4,171. Whitbread 60s: 1 Intrum Justitia 3,249; 2 Tokio 3,267; 3 Yamaha 3,290; 4 Winston 3,320; 5 Galicia '93 Pescanova 3,330; 6 Brooksfield 3,396; 7 Dolphin and Youth 3,438; 8 Hetman Sahaidachny 3,816; 9 Women's Challenge 3,963; 10 Odessa 4,163.

LOGAN CUP MATCH RACING REGATTA (Auckland) Semi-finals (best-of-seven races): R Coutts (NZ) bt C Law (GB) 4-1; P Gilmour (Aus) bt E Baird (US) 4-3. Final (best of seven): Coutts bt Gilmour 4-3. Third place play-off: Law bt Baird 3-1.