Sporting Digest: Sailing

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MEDINA COWES WEEK: Royal Southern YC Regatta: Class 1 (Coronation Challenge Bowl): D Wood (Red Sorcerer); 2 D Best (Sidewinder); 3 R Cameron-Davies (Integrity). Class 2: J Clark (Xnantor); 2 G Fairhall (Brightwork); 3 R Kemp (Runaway). Class 3: M Eaton (Quencher); 2 G and W Addis (Jouster); 3 M Struth (Thrust). Class 4: P Dyer (French Beret); 2 P Bruce (Owl); 3 I Hart (Ace of Hearts III). Class 5: I Handley (Addict); 2 C Dearlove (Maverick); 3 M Fawcett (Restless). Class 6: D Moore (Vampire); 2 R and S Salter (Gambit 76); 3 D Burgess (Last Straw). Mumm 36: C Valtukini (Vaporetto- Polti); 2 P Gaia (Mumm a Mia]); 3 T Roche (Noddy). Sigma 33: R Goddard (Powder Monkey); 2 G Liardet (Sea Hawk); 3 J Bartle (Sloop John B). SCOD: R Stevenson (Sugar Plum); 2 R Harding (Tuonela). Etchells 22: A Gosling (Yes]); 2 T Law (Katemba); 3 G Belgrano (Right on Cue). Dragon: K Skelsey (Giaa); 2 B Baird and I Coryn (Forrander); 3 B and C Pegna (Meltemi). Daring: D Sherrif (Destroyer); 2 P Porter and G Peckham (Dauntless); 3 J Sheldon and A Matusch (Damsel). Squib: D Hewitt (Satu); 2 J Darbyshire (Blue Nile); 3 P Keeble (Quibble). Sunbeam: K Webster and R Pearson (Fay); 2 A Stannah and A Robinson (Jenny); 3 J Ford and R Boissevain (Melody). Swallow: J and G Buckwell (Boomerang); 2 J Vernon (Archon); 3 M Upton and N Pattison (Goosander). Mermaid: C Tilley and R Ohlenschlager (Sirena); 2 J and R Hill (Halluf); 3 D Darbyshire (Sheen). Redwing: W Mallinson and G Greenwood (Rosetta); 2 J Peel (Quail); 3 W Clegg and E de Kort (Lady Laetitia). Flying Fifteen: N and F Kidd (Comfortably Numb); 2 M Blake (Strega); 3 M Winkles (Johns Folly). XOD: P Baines (Wenda); 2 N Dover (Gleam); 3 J and A Cliff-Cooper (Xenon). Victory: I Perryman (Nada); 2 J Lear (Zinnia); 3 N Sefton-Smith (Woozle).

420 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (Plymouth) Race 3: 1 B V De Ghins and D Dudans (Bel); 2 G Mahe and G Jean-Albert (Fr); 3 M Fonte and S Fonte (Por); 4 J McEwen and G Nurton (GB). Race 4 (provisional): 1 C Cook and P Begley (Aus); 2 N Rogers and S Hughes (GB); 3 Preger and Schwartz (Isr). Race 5 (provisional): 1 T Fitzsimmons and S Harler (Aus); 2 W Allievi and D Acqua (It); 3 C Colombo and A Mannini (It); 6 R Lovering and I Warren (GB). Overall (subject to protest): 1 Mahe and Jean-Albert; 2 P Pennec and Y Guichard (Fr); 3 Rogers and Hughes.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Finals (La Rochelle, Fr): Men: Laser: 1 F Bruni (It) 40pts; 2 R Scheidt (Bra) 50; 3 A Domingos (Por) 62. 470: 1 J Merricks and I Walker (GB) 34.00; 2 K Yamada and S Saito (Japan) 49.00; 3 P Cian and M Scotto (It) 50.00. J24: 1 M Gravare (Swe) 36.00; 2 P Ahlby (Swe) 41.00; 3 C King (SA) 46.00. Women: J22: 1 C Briand (Fr) 6pts; 2 B Kristiansen (Nor) 21; 3 A McGaw (Swe) 24. 470: 1 T Zabell and B Via Dufresne (Sp) 19pts; 2 R Taran and Natalya Hapnovich (Ukr) 36; 3 P Hardwiger and C Pinnow (Ger) 44. Laser Radial: 1 K Roug (Den) 16.00; 2 D Brennan (US) 24.00; 3 D Jensen (Den) 30.00. Hobie 16: 1 K Ireland and V Tanner (Aus) 12.00; 2 B Klaase and M Brache (SA) 26.00; 3 L Holman and J Herald (SA) 34.00. Open Hobie 16: 1 E Figueroa and C Malatrasi (PR) 13pts; 2 B Dodds and S Arnold (SA) 34; 3 S Ferry and L Alison (SA) 35.

FREIXENET LASER II EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP (Mumbles) Race 6: 1 J Collyer (GB); 2 I Fryett and H Kathro (GB); 3 S Murray and P Kameen (GB). Final overall: 1 Murray and Kameen; 2 C Oldham and T Oldham (GB); 3 A McMillan and J Mears (GB).

ENTERPRISE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (North Berwick) Race 1: 1 T Horey and J Horey (King George V Sailing Club); 2 J Hunt and J Hunt (Beaver SC); 3 I Fisher and R Sadler (Hallamshire SC).