Sporting Digest: Swimming

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ENGLAND TEAM (for Commonwealth Games, Victoria, Canada, 18-28 Aug): Men: 50 metres freestyle: M Foster (Barnet Copthall), M Fibbens (Barnet Copthall). 100m freestyle: Fibbens. 200m freestyle: A Clayton (City of Leeds). 1500m freestyle: I Wilson (City of Leeds). 100m backstroke: M Harris (Waltham Forest), A Ruckwood (City of Birmingham), M O'Connor (City of Leeds). 200m backstroke: Harris, Ruckwood, O'Connor. 200m butterfly: K Crosby (Warrington Warriors), J Hickman (Stockport Metro). 100m breaststroke: N Gillingham (City of Birmingham), J Parrack (City of Leeds). 200m breaststroke: Gillingham, A Clapper (City of Coventry). 4 x 200m freestyle relay: Clayton, *J Salter (City of Birmingham), S Mellor (Satellite), *N Shackell (Millfield). Women: 50m freestyle: S Rolph (City of Newcastle). 100m freestyle: Rolph, K Pickering (Ipswich), A Bennett (Nova Centurion). 200m freestyle: Pickering, Bennett, C Huddart (City of Leeds). 400m freestyle: S Hardcastle (Bracknell), V Horner (Derwentside), *K Goddard (Portsmouth Northsea). 800m freestyle: Hardcastle. 100m backstroke: E Tattam (Portsmouth Northsea), K Osher (Barnet Copthall). 200m backstroke: Osher, Tattam, J Deakins (City of Coventry). 200m butterfly: H Slatter (Warrington Warriors). 100m breaststroke: M Hardiman (City of Birmingham). 200m breaststroke: Hardiman, J King (Thamesdown Tigersharks), *N Thornley (Manchester United Salford). 200m individual medley: Rolph, Slatter. 400m individual medley: Slatter. 4x100m freestyle: Rolph, Pickering, Bennett, Huddart. 4x200m freestyle: Pickering, Hardcastle, Bennett, Huddart.

(*denotes new cap)

SPEEDO NATIONAL AGE GROUP CHAMPIONSHIPS (Coventry): Boys 16yrs: 200m freestyle: 1 M Counsell (Wigan Wasps) 1min 57.39secs; 2 J Griffin (City of Bradford) 1:58.13; 3 J Wearn (Bournemouth Dolphins) 1:58.32. 100m breaststroke: 1 D Richardson (City of Birmingham) 1:09.57; 2 D Vorenberg (SA) 1:09.66; 3 J Duckham (Marlborough) 1:09.70. 100m butterfly: 1 D Coombs (Romford) 56.90 (British record); 2 J Griffin (City of Bradford) 59.44; 3 G Kington (City of Bristol) 59.50. 15yrs: 200m freestyle: 1 C Pankhurst (City of Oxford) 1:57.39; 2 C Nicholson (City of Newcastle) 1:58.13; 3 S Pike (Rochdale Aquabears) 1:58.32. 100m breaststroke: 1 D Mew (Isle of Wight) 1:07.17; 2 M Kidd (Sutton and Cheam) 1:07.74; 3 M Spackman (Lincoln) 1:09.15. 100m butterfly: 1 C Taylor (City of Birmingham) 59.93; 2 J Stewart (Leatherhead) 1:00.29; 3 A Johnson (City of Cardiff) 1:00.35. Girls: 16yrs: 100m freestyle: 1 K Hawcroft (Manchester United Salford) 58.94; 2 H Bollins (Waltham Forest) 59.96; 3 K A Newton (Barnet Copthall) 1:00.00. 400m medley: 1 R Haigh (Borough of Kirklees) 5:02.91; 2 G Leader (Stockport Metro) 5:07.73; 3 S Harrison (Derwentside) 5:08.47. 15yrs: 100m freestyle: 1 A Grassby (City of Coventry) 1:00.02; 2 S Starbuck (City of Leeds) 1:00.29; 3 C Mayer (City of Derby) 1:01.03. 400m medley: 1 C Provaz (Derwentside) 5:12.56; 2 K Bunclark (Orpington) 5:13.80; 3 S Wootton (Borough of Wolverhampton) 5:15.86.