Sports Letter: Barnet plea

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Sir: I read Phil Shaw's report of the Peterborough-Barnet game (29 November) and, as a Barnet fan, it made very enjoyable reading - especially comparing Barry Fry's volte face akin to Cliff Richard becoming the devil. However, I would have been happier if the column inches had been used to highlight Barnet's current plight.

Basically, if things continue as they are, Barnet could well become the first club in history to win promotion and be thrown out of the league at the same time. As you are probably aware, Underhill Stadium is not up to the League's requirements and the club need to search for a new home. Copthall in Mill Hill was ripe for redevelopment and looked like the ideal location. Despite approval by the local authority's planning group, a group of local residents forced the issue to tribunal and GOL (the Government Office of London) rejected it. The club have re-submitted proposals overcoming most of the reasons for rejection but it appears that these have come to nothing. Despite the best efforts of a superb chairman and a small but dedicated bunch of supporters, this appears to have come to nothing at all.


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