Sports Letter: Fair play, please

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The Independent Online
Sir: I read with some interest your paper's account of the Arsenal v Manchester United match. In particular your headline condemnation of Eric Cantona's conduct.

In your edition of 24 March, you carried a feature on Cantona and his various debacles. Tucked away, in it is a sentence admitting that Mr Callow, the referee, might have been wrong in sending him off] The TV highlights clearly showed that Cantona had committed no second offence. Why didn't you make a headline out of this?

In this country you are only guilty of an offence when it is proved beyond a reasonable doubt - except if you are Mr Cantona.

It disappoints me that your paper has followed the pack in condemning Cantona and not reported an injustice, which no doubt will impact heavily on Cantona and Manchester United.

Yours faithfully,


Shillinglee, Chiddingfold

25 March