Sports Letter: Leadership sadly lacking

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Sir: I read with interest that Spurs are pursuing John Fashanu, after his terrible collision with Gary Mabbutt, through the muddy channels of the Football Association.

I was present at the match when John Uzzell suffered his terrible injuries at the hands of Gary Blissett, a far worse challenge than that of Fashanu's.

I followed the subsequent court case through your newspaper and was astounded by the evidence that Graham Kelly, the chief executive of the Football Association, gave. Namely, he didn't think that Blissett's challenge was any different to hundreds of similar challenges that he saw every time he watched a football match.

What action can the Football Association take, if their chief executive harbours this opinion? The answer, as normal, is nothing. Oh for a governing body with just a semblance of sense.

Yours sincerely,



2 December