SPORTS LETTER : ...or the truth

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From G R Chapman

Sir: We must congratulate the RFU on the wording of their statement, which deviously and deliberately has made a mountain out of a molehill in order to crucify Will Carling. A typical response by an 'Old Boy network' when miffed.

Could it be that there was much truth in the indiscreet description of the administrators of the RFU, for which an apology was made, but clearly not accepted?

Governing bodies of sport which play 'god' to the detriment of the leading performers do more damage to the sport they are there to promote, than any 'off the cuff' comment under the pressure of interview, however politically ill-judged. Far more damaging than Carling's comment was the earlier racial comment from the aged RFU secretary, but there was no word of censure for him.

Sad that these pompous old boys put their precious dignity before the interests of the England team and ignore the record of so much team success under Carling's inspired leadership.

Could it be that members of the RFU who have not played for 35 years would best serve the sport by leaving its administration to younger former players.