Sports Letter: Stand no more

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Sir: What is the point in Manchester City building a new pounds 6m stand

because on the basis of the performances on the field this season, the seats will remain empty. I feel that City fans would prefer to sit on a grassy bank watching a quality team than sit in luxury watching poverty football as will be the case.

Every time I look at the new Umbro Stand I see the quality midfield player and striker we should have purchased with the money. The new Kippax Stand will prove to be an even tighter noose around the club's neck thanks to Mr Swales.

This season is proving to be a total disaster and embarrassment on and off the field. But apparently the current predicament is all the fault of the City fans and Francis Lee. It is ridiculous to blame two groups who have no direct influence upon the internal workings of the club. What about Mr Swales and his Board, the management and players who are all paid for their 'efforts'. Are they blameless? I think not.

Several months ago the Forward With Franny movement suggested City fans should boycott matches to deny the club most needed revenue, reduce the value of the shares and force Mr Swales to quit. I disagreed with that course of action, but after the latest disaster against Nottingham Forest my view has changed because I see that the team is not only lacking in skill but more importantly in passion and commitment. If they cannot be bothered neither can I]



Timperley, Cheshire