Sports Letters: Countering racism

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Sir: Henry Winter's report on racism in football (27 October) raised some pertinent points, in particular Garth Crooks' comments that 'fans have a vital part to play, stopping other fans from doing it (racial abuse)'. At Charlton we have a partnership between the supporters' club, Greenwich council, the football club, local black and ethnic minority representatives and the local Commission for Racial Equality. Regular meetings are held to address any fears that might be raised and to encourage more black people to attend Charlton matches.

Unlike some others, Charlton's supporters have always had a good record with regard to racial incidents but we are not prepared to simply sit back smugly criticising others.

As a supporters' club we are constantly vigilant and have assisted in the preparation of and financed a third of the printing costs of a leaflet that has been sent out to all local youth football teams and other groups in an effort to show young black and ethnic minority community members that they are welcome at The Valley.

Yours faithfully,


Committee Member

Charlton Athletic Supporters' Club

London SE9

27 October