Sports Letters: Enlightenment

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Sir: As Mike Rowbottom has kindly suggested that one should never argue with a Buddhist monk, may I, a Buddhist monk, take advantage of that to correct him on Buddhism, Thailand and the origins of Thai kick boxing ('Saturday night was made for fighting', 29 November).

Traditionally, it is just 2,581 years since Gotama, having won his Enlightenment and become the Buddha, gave his first sermon and set in motion what we know as Buddhism; and the creation of the Kingdom of Thailand is even more recent. In fact, not only did kick boxing not originate in Thai Buddhist monasteries 3,000 years ago, but it has nothing whatever to do with Buddhism. I am told that it is believed to have first appeared in Thailand just 700 or 800 years ago.

Kindest regards,


The Forest Hermitage

Wal Pah Sanlidhamma

Lower Fulbrook


30 November