Sports Letters: Forgotten council

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Sir: Derek Hodgson is incorrect in stating 'the TCCB is the ruling body in English cricket . . .'

It is the Cricket Council which is the ruling body in British cricket. It delegates authority for Test, international, county and first-class cricket to the TCCB, no more, no less. It delegates all other aspects of the game to the National Cricket Association. The MCC has responsibility for the laws of cricket, no more, no less.

The Cricket Council is made up of the TCCB (eight votes), NCA (five votes), MCC (three votes); the Irish and Scottish Cricket Unions may attend but not vote (likewise the Minor Counties Cricket Association). Women's cricket has no representation on the Cricket Council but is a member of the NCA. It is the Cricket Council which is a member of the International Cricket Council, the Central Council for Physical Recreation, etc. The ICC, CC, TCCB and NCA are tenants of the MCC.

It is the failure of the Cricket Council to act as an authoritative and executive ruling body like its fellows, the Rugby Football Union, Football Association, Lawn Tennis Association, etc., which is at the heart of what is wrong with cricket.

For some reason many cricket journalists appear unaware of the Cricket Council and have little knowledge of the NCA.

Odd, is it not?

Yours sincerely,