Sports Letters: Forgotten genius

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Sir: In Joe Lovejoy's article (5 April) he rightly refers to Chris Waddle as the best footballer in the country, and justifiably bemoans the continued absence of his undoubted and rare genius from Graham Taylor's England team. In continuing to resist the overwhelming public clamour, not to mention the unequivocal footballing evidence, for Waddle's recall, Mr Taylor seems to betray the same inability to admit fallibility and error that is currently afflicting many others of those who hold sway in our country. Our politicians, notably the Prime Minister and his Chancellor, as well as our cricket selectors, (mis)led as they are by Ted Dexter, spring most readily to mind. Will the crass omission of David Gower be recognised for what it was, and will we see his necessary reinstatement this summer? Will we see Waddle bewitching the Dutch later this month? It is never too late to eat humble pie.

Yours faithfully,



7 April