Sports Letters: Forgotten virtues

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Sir: England cricketers suffer not only from a mediocre uniform, but from uniform mediocrity. The improbability of the excuses used by their management increases with the humiliation of each defeat. Why then do we complain that they are not fit to represent our country? To the extent of the latest two at least, their failings are the same as those of the government we elected. The time has surely come, in cricket and politics, to resurrect the virtues of individual talent, flair and intelligence. The rot may have gone too far for the government, but there is still time for cricket. I suggest the following changes: Mike Brearley and Ian Botham to be co- chairmen of selectors; Jack Russell to be captain (following his experience in Australia); Mike Atherton as vice- captain; David Gower to be senior professional. John Major's love of cricket is well known. Ted Dexter once stood as a Conservative candidate. In cricket and in life, their problems are the same.

Yours faithfully,