Sports Letters: Real thumbs down

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Sir: I have seen the poll about the European Super League (31 August) in which you reported:

"In a new MORI poll, 70 per cent of British football fans say that replacing the current Uefa club competitions with a midweek European Super League would be a `good thing'. Only 18 per cent are against." This gives the impression that Real Football Fans like the idea of the Super League.

However, having read the description of a football fan as being "those who watch football on television at least once a month (excluding the World Cup) or who would be interested to watch matches between the top European clubs", I and many other Real Football Fans would be interested if you conducted a proper survey into people who actually attend matches.

I am sure that if you asked this question outside football grounds (that's where you find football fans) then the result would be an overwhelming thumbs down for this proposal.

I hope you are able to release the results of any proper polls of fans, which would destroy the myth that the money-men in football are trying to instil.


Heybridge, Essex