Sports Letters: Safety first

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Safety first

From S Faiyazuddin Ahmad

Sir: All sports are for fun, pleasure and healthy exercise. But when they have turned into violent acts of brutality, we must look at them from angles of safety and precaution.

I pray Gerald McClellan survives and continues with his boxing career. Being an in-patient of Glenfield General Hospital, I appreciate very well the value of life.

All sports should be encouraged, provided they help build a better life for the players and their supporters. But when they assume a monstrous shape and threaten bereavement for the athletes' families, we must think of ways to bring them to their senses. Ken Jones (27 February) is right to say: "There were always men ready to fight for prizes on a barge or in some back room."

The question is, however, how to bring safety and humanity to the ring?

Yours faithfully,