Squash: Jackman crushed by power of Martin

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ENGLAND at least have the consolation of having produced two young and improving World Open finalists in less than a month after Cassie Jackman became the latest victim to be trampled almost without trace by the defending champion Michelle Martin yesterday.

The increasingly formidable Australian won the final 9-1, 9-0, 9-6, taking the title for the second successive year without dropping a game. Jackman's best achievement was to recover from the embarrassment of having lost 21 of the first 22 points, and to escape with the feeling that she may have some basis upon which to build a future title attempt.

For most of yesterday's match, however, the Norfolk woman was comprehensively outplayed, although she would certainly have done better had she started as she finished.

At 0-3 in the third game, Jackman hit a forehand drive for a clinging winner, which at last seemed to settle her, and then at 3-6 threw down her racket furiously, creating some adrenalin for one last effort. It enabled her to extend more of the rallies and to save four match points.

For the majority of the time, however, Martin hit harder and to a better length, as well as intimidatingly early.

'I've surprised myself this week with how far ahead my training has taken me,' she said. 'To be honest, I'm surprised how easily I won today. I suppose I didn't really think I was capable of this.' Martin then hurried off to ring her mother Dawn, who had also enjoyed a successful day. She was the winner of the over-50s tennis title in the World Masters Games in Brisbane.

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