Squash: Olympic prospect

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THE acquisition of the 2000 Olympics by Sydney has enhanced squash's prospects of becoming part of the Games. A letter received yesterday by the World Squash Federation, the game's governing body, confirmed that the Sydney 2000 committee has taken up its campaign for a fourth racket sport to join the Olympics, writes Richard Eaton.

Squash's chances have also improved because Australia are both the men's and the women's world team champions. There are also outstanding young players emerging in Australia who would have good medal prospects in Sydney. 'We believe our case is very strong and that we are one of the front runners,' Ted Wallbutton, the WSF executive director, said.

Two Australians, Ron Griffiths, the president of Squash Australia, the sport's governing body in the country, and the vice-president of the WSF, Bob Finch, have been placed on the WSF's major games committee, and emphasis is being put on communication between Squash Australia and the Sydney 2000 committee to secure squash's place.