Suit up with new high-tech ski gear

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Tech geeks who love winter sports can merge their passions with the world's first alpine goggles with real-time GPS data viewable through a head-mounted display. Also, try these sleek alpine touring bindings and a size-adjustable ski boot for kids that grows with your child's foot.

The Transcend alpine goggles, released last month, are one of many innovative products being honored at Consumer Electronics Association's (CEA) Best of Innovations Design and Engineering Awards for 2011. The Transcend goggles feature glove-friendly finger buttons with a micro LCD display that appears as an image in front of you. The goggles claim to be safe and unobtrusive for both front and peripheral vision - you also have the option to turn off the GPS feature and just use them as regular goggles. Price: $399 (295 euros).

If you prefer your goggles GPS-free and less expensive, the Oakley Crowbar Goggle Kaleidoscope Iridium get top reviews from consumer blogs and magazines thanks to a wide visual range, fog-free lenses, and molded frame to keep out the cold. Price: $145 (107 euros).

Other trendy ways to hit the slopes this year? Try cross country skiing with another product launched earlier this year, the Marker Tour F10 alpine touring bindings. Marker is claimed to have revolutionized the alpine touring market with the Duke, burling backcountry ski bindings. Now it's introduced the Tour F10, a lighter, stiffer, and less costly version compared to other brands. Other highlights of the bindings, noted by Skiing magazine, are that they sit lower on the ski for "better energy transfer and performance." The Tour F10 costs $475 (351 euros).

For ski-loving kids, the IDEA 6-in-1 ski boot grows with your child so you don't have purchase new boots in the coming years. Made by New Hampshire-based Roces, the boot can be adjusted to six sizes by rotating a metal lever near the outside heel with a small screwdriver, which is included. $99.95 (74 euros)

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