Tennis: Wimbledon '94 / Quotes of the day

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I'm not losing my mind. I'm not throwing my rackets. I'm not talking. It's a little bit strange. It surprises me. I feel really relaxed and it's nice to be here and play here. Goran Ivanisevic saying he was ready to win the tournament after defeating the Russian Alexander Volkov.

Becker was fined for having his legs stretched by his trainer. That is not allowed during a toilet break. Alan Mills, the Wimbledon referee, after Boris Becker was fined dollars 1,000 yesterday for receiving unauthorised medical treatment on a trip to the lavatory during Saturday's third- round defeat of Javier Frana.

I don't like to play it. There are no tennis courts on grass in Spain. Sergi Bruguera's thoughts of playing on grass after being convincingly defeated by the American Michael Chang.