Tennis: Wimbledon - Security fears give football the red card

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FANS WHO trekked down to South-west London in the hope of enjoying a combined football and tennis sporting extravaganza yesterday ended up being sorely disappointed. Not that the tennis didn't live up to expectations, as ever there was plenty to celebrate on that front, but hearts must have sunk for those with England's World Cup campaign on their mind as Wimbledon has been declared a football-free zone.

Thoughts of re-enacting the balmy nights spent watching Euro 96 on the large screen erected opposite the Aorangi picnic terrace were scuppered in a statement by Christopher Gorringe, chief executive of the All England Club.

It appears that letting spectators stay on to watch not only the England match but any match will wreak havoc with security because there is no lighting on that part of the site. The official line was that thousands of people tramping out of the ground hours after play has finished might disturb the neighbours. Would these be the same neighbours who turn their driveways into makeshift market stalls in an effort to enter into the spirit of the fortnight and make a couple of bob at the same time?