20 things to do on a wet day at Wimbledon

Star-spotting, stat-gathering, sticker-collecting Kevin Garside sidesteps the puddles to find ways to fill the time when it's soggy in SW19

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1. Visit Championship Information Centre on the main thoroughfare outside Centre Court to collect your very own "I've queued in the rain at Wimbledon" sticker.

2. Enter the walkways under Centre Court, where you can absorb the history, and watch the match taking place under the roof behind you on TV screens dotted in the gangways.

3. Eat fish and chips under the canopy by Gate No 1. Great place to watch the umbrellas go by.

4. Bag all the freebies on offer en route from Southfields Tube to the complex to keep you going through the day. Pots of rice pudding proved the dish of yesterday.

5. Snap up a Wimbledon umbrella at the many stalls on site. A basic model costs £10, or if you are protecting a hairdo and a pair of Jimmy Choos, you might want to go big, £25.

6. Browse the merchandise outlet at Court One, which has everything from bats and balls, posters and tennis gear to mugs etc. But don't buy anything, of course. T-shirts are yours for £25. Great. You can kit out the family for a ton.

7. Nip down after work and join the queue at the end of the day for recycled Centre Court tickets. Worth the wait.

8. Star-spot in the dry under the walkway between the media centre and Centre Court. Always a former tennis legend walking by, not to mention a legendary scribe. Not.

9. Treat yourself to a gourmet lunch in the restaurant opposite Centre Court.

10. Take a cab up the hill into Wimbledon village for some retail therapy and a cappuccino. You will almost certainly spot a player, coach or famous parent doing exactly the same thing.

11. Ask the friendly military attendants guarding the many entries to Centre Court to let you have a look at the arena – they will – and imagine what it might be like to watch Andy Murray win there on Sunday.

12. Enter the Sony Experience at Centre Court for the ultimate in 3-D tennis viewing. You can even film yourself in 3-D action.

13. Catch up on the details at the IBM stats centre. All you ever wanted to know about first-serve percentages and career wins at Wimbledon.

14. Have your photo taken for free at Arangi Park, the perfect memento of your day at the championships.

15. Head to Autograph Island, a dedicated spot on site where up to four players a day appear at designated times to sign autographs.

16. Listen to the band on the Tea Lawn every day, come rain or shine.

17. Head to the Play Zone at Court 12 to have your service speed measured.

18. Pop into the HSBC stand behind Gate 3 to collect your free strawberries tokens. Available only to HSBC customers. A reason to open an account, perhaps.

19. Visit the Wimbledon Museum, packed with exhibits including old rackets, dresses, shoes and replica trophies.

20. Stand atop Henman Hill/Murray Mound and smile at the wonder of it all.