Andy Murray answers fans' questions on Twitter: So did he sleep with the trophy? And what one word did he use to sum up his Wimbledon victory?

The new Wimbledon champion takes time out to respond to fans
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Despite having just become the first Briton to win the men's singles title at Wimbledon for 77-years, Andy Murray today delighted fans by taking the time to answer questions on Twitter.

The Scot is spending the day conducting the obligatory media interviews and posing for pictures, however earlier this morning he was in direct contact with his 1.9 million followers on the social networking site, answering 10 questions over a 15 minute period with the hashtag #askandy.

So did Murray sleep with the trophy? What one word did he use to sum up his victory? And what's in that cloudy drink he was swigging on Centre Court? See the answers he gave to the questions below...


Do you think you will be able to reach double figures in grand slam wins?

No I don't think so!


What made you get into tennis?

My parents' love for sport.


If there is any player before you turned pro that you could of played who would it be???



Why do they call you the Inspector?!



Did you go to sleep with the trophy in bed next to you?

I did not. Maybe the trophy will get lucky tonight!


What is yr drink made up of? Different for each set?

Electolites. Gets stronger as match goes on.


Describe the feeling of winning in one word

That's a good question. Relief!


Did Maggie and Rusty (Murray's dogs) join in with the celebrations?

They got to sleep with us in the bed last night.


How many racquets did you have in your bag for the final yesterday? 9?

I had 11 yesterday.