'Drug-testers came round at 7am last week, my mum made them cups of tea'

Andy Murray took one day off last week during his pre-Wimbledon preparations, only to be woken up by drug-testers who called at his house at 7am. The Scot revealed last night that it was the third time he had been tested in less than a fortnight since his defeat in the semi-finals of the French Open.

"I got tested after I lost in the French Open, which was on a Friday," Murray said. "I got tested at Queen's on the Tuesday or Wednesday and then I got tested again on Thursday last week."

All players are required to give drug-testers notice of one hour every day in which they will be available. "I put it at seven in the morning because I know I'm going to be in bed," Murray said.

"I was fast asleep, but as soon as the bell went I woke up. I looked at my clock and it was bang on 7am. I knew it was them. He rang the bell six times."

Murray, who said that his mother had got up to make his early-morning visitors cups of tea, acknowledged that the tests were "just part of our job unfortunately" but added: "It's very intrusive when you get someone in your house in the morning. When you're going to the toilet in your own home and they're staring at you it's just quite a strange feeling."