Monica Seles

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Seeding: 6

Seeding: 6

Country: US Age: 26 Ranking: 6

Wimbledon Record Hard to believe she is only 26. This will be her 11th year on Tour. Would have had a better record had she not missed three years because of her stabbing. The Wimbledon title is the only one missing from Seles' CV, but the quest for championship honours seems to have become less important for her since her comeback. She enjoys simply playing the game she loves as a competitor on the WTA Tour, albeit a dangerous one.

Form Guide Not the all-conquering baseliner she was before Hamburg attack, but there are signs she is regaining self-belief. Won Oklahoma City and Amelia Island.

Prospects Could this, at long last, be Monica's year? Should have little trouble getting to round four against Sanchez. After that, it could be Davenport in quarters, Pierce in semis... Odds: 14-1

Oddballs Collects stuffed animals. Partner in the All-Star Cafe, a restaurant chain, with Andre Agassi, Tiger Woods, Shaquille O'Neal, Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky and Ken Griffey Jr.