Murray mother's new role to nurture talent

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Scotland's national coach for 12 years, Judy retired from the post at the end of last year citing disillusionment with the lack of ambition and funding at the Scottish Lawn Tennis Association. She had also become increasingly busy overseeing the progress of her 18-year-old son.

"I have known Matt Willcocks, Gosling's head tennis coach, for a number of years," Judy said. "Matt felt he wanted someone to act as an adviser.

"The great thing about Gosling is that they have some of the best facilities in Britain, including 13 indoor courts and nine outdoor courts, plus mini-tennis courts for children from the age of five. When Andy was a child, we played short-tennis as a family on badminton courts with sponge balls. He loved that.

"Gosling also have sports science back-up, including a part-time sports psychologist, and a full-time tutor for schooling on site."

Judy, who encouraged Andy to train at the Sanchez-Casals Tennis Academy in Barcelona, appreciates the value of a combination of playing and schooling on site. "At Gosling," she said, "youngsters are able to spend up to five hours per day on tennis-related activities."