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* I've always said he's one of, if not the most, talented players I've ever seen on a tennis court. When he can put it together, if serves the way he does, we know he's got the great groundstrokes, how you are going to stop that? He's got so much power, so much ability and so much strength. He's an animal out there. And he covers the court, he's a great athlete. He's been a serving machine this week. He's also got that big forehand cross court and once he hits it, it doesn't matter if you're there, waiting for it. Grosjean was just plain and simply over-powered.
Pat Cash on Mark Philippoussis after his countryman's semi-final win over the Frenchman Sebastien Grosjean.

* It's weird. It feels like I was in a wheelchair yesterday, but then again it feels like I've been away for six years. It's a good feeling."
Philippoussis after beating Grosjean.

* It's incredible. Right now it's tough to understand what's been happening. I played an incredible match today, I'm very happy to have the opportunity to win a grand slam and this is my favourite ... You can feel the people like this kind of game. I can create a lot of nice shots. The crowd come here to watch matches and understand tennis and it makes me feel very special.
Roger Federer after beating Andy Roddick in the semis.

* As far as talent goes, I don't know if there's anyone out there more talented. He's a great athlete, he is so quick out there. There's not much he doesn't have. Now it seems he's putting it together upstairs and it's all coming together for him. You don't see Roger winning the first set too many times and struggling the rest of the way. You have to get on top of him early and I had my chance. I knew it was an uphill battle from there. I knew he was a front-runner. But the wheels just came off and he started playing unbelievable.
Roddick on Federer.

* I'm stepping it up in the jewelry department. You can buy 100 of them for 50 cents. They get a little loose and you have to throw a new one on every once in a while. You have to keep it tight. Can't have any looseness going on.
Roddick on the rubber bands he wears on his wrist (he snaps them against his skin to psyche himself up).