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Watching the Men's final in the Royal Box at Wimbledon yesterday was a mix of aristocrats, politicians, Olympians and, er, the Beckhams.

That the tennis-loving Duchess of Cambridge and her sister Pippa Middleton were there should come as no surprise, but nor should the presence of Lord and Lady Goldenballs. As guests at the recent royal wedding (and, many would argue, showbiz royalty in their own right) David and Victoria looked very much at home in their royal surrounds.

In this age of coalitions, independent-minded Scots and ego-maniacal London mayors, room was made for a host of politicians (David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Alec Salmond and Boris Johnson) to support (or should that be, "try to piggyback on the success of"?) Andy Murray.

Elsewhere, Rupert and Wendi Murdoch, a couple who could presumably get tickets to anything they wanted, looked happy to sit in non-royal (albeit very good) seats. And the Beckhams might have been pleased to see that Sir Alex Ferguson, David's ex-manager and Victoria's erstwhile nemesis, also had to make do in the "citizens" area.

Celebrity mogul Simon Fuller chose to sit in with Andy Murray's mother Judy in their family box. While Anna Wintour, British-born editor of US Vogue and long-time fan of Roger Federer popped into his box to see his wife Mirka. And if that's where she's hanging out, maybe players' boxes are now more trendy than the royal one...