Wimbledon 2013 Diary: Smiling Keys is quick with a quip


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Answer of the day. Madison Keys, the 18-year-old conqueror of Heather Watson, was asked in a long-winded question by an American journalist to choose one word that best described her. "Sarcastic," darted back Keys. The all-American smile that followed made it impossible to tell if she was being exactly that.

Rufus the hawk is given the bird

Rafa Nadal is not the only high flyer who has been embarrassed at this year's Wimbledon. This morning Rufus the accident-prone hawk – he became Britain's most famous bird of prey after being stolen last year – was spotted fleeing the attentions of a gang of angry local birds as he tried to go about his pigeon-scaring duties.

Love-spat pair still the best of enemies

With Grigor Dimitrov's first appearance of the week, the whole Sharapova/Serena Williams spat was kept bubbling along. It is clearly causing some amusement in the locker room too. "They don't seem to be very friendly with each other right now," remarked Heather Watson with an accompanying smirk.

Words that speak louder than action

Multilingust of the day. Mandy Minella – who retreated from Centre Court with honour intact after being well beaten but not dispiritingly battered by Serena Williams – speaks five languages, one more than the number of games she took off the top seed. This includes being one of an estimated 400,000 speakers of her native Luxembourgish. Merci and guet nacht, as they say there.

Weather watch

Dry for much of the day with some spells of sunshine. Maximum temp 21C.