Wimbledon 2013: Laura Robson fights back to claim victory over Marina Erakovic


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After dazzling and delighting the crowd as she steamrolled her way into the third round of Wimbledon by beating Colombia’s Mariana Duque-Marino, big things were expected of Robson today as she went onto court 2 to play against Marina Erakovic. Once thing is certain: she did not disappoint.

In the next game, we are led to believe that the tables are turning as Robson battles strongly, encouraging applause from the patriotic crowd.

However, Erakovic quickly races back and wins the set 6-1 in 21 minutes.

Robson appears to be cracking under the pressure here, hitting many unforced errors.

In the second set, in which both players performed to the highest level, excitement grew on Court 2.

Robson went into the next set with her head held high. Her game seemed more structured than the previous set. Both players struggled to break each others' serves as the score goes up to 2-2.

Forty three minutes into the match, the score was already 6-1; 3-2 to Erakovic. Not long to go for what seems a comfortable win here. Robson seems to have trouble handling the pressure as she loses yet another game.

However, Robson fought  back well and levelled the score to 3-4, with Erakovic being outhit in a couple of points. She looks far from worried though. Rightly so, Erakovic goes on to win the next game making the score 3-5.

Robson will serve to stay in the match. We see the true champion shine within her in the next 3 games as she fights with everything she has and wins the set. Well done Laura Robson.

In the final set, we understand why people are calling Robson a “rising star”. After a difficult start, she got her head back into the game. It is hard to believe that the Robson we saw in the first set and the one we saw in the last are the same players.

Erakovic started to crack and struggle under the unpredicted turn of events as the crowd went wild at Robson’s incredible burst of success as she lead the score to 4-0.

Frustrated, Erakovic fought back well and levelled the score to 2-4. However, Robson wasn’t going to let her go up any higher by winning the next game.

Ironically, it is now Erakovic who is serving to remain in the match. A situation that we wouldn’t have foreseen an hour ago. She fights well and wins the game. Robson is determined to bring home victory, you can see it all over her face. And all of a sudden, it’s match point. Robson hits a beautiful forehand winner and Laura Robson wins. The crowd roars with relief.

Throughout the set, the much-loved Brit continually hit the ball with power, intelligence and confidence. Three things that her game lacked in the opening set.

Robson tells the BBC: "I was getting my butt kicked basically. I was struggling to return her serve. I had to work as hard as possible and just stick with it. The crowd was amazing, I couldn't have done it without them."

This is one of those matches were you sit on the edge of your seat, full of excitement and nerves because you know that really anything could happen. It was an incredible comeback by Laura Robson to reach the next round . Alison Riske or Kaia Kanepi will be Robson's opponents in the fourth round, but she's heading on a collision course with Serena Williams if she makes it into the quarter finals. But never mind that now! Let's enjoy this. She is through and that is all that matters.