Wimbledon 2015: BBC highlights show Wimbledon 2Day with Clare Balding slammed by critics

The format for Wimbledon 2Day hasn't gone down well

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Having dispensed with gaffe-prone John Inverdale the BBC must have been confident that the well liked Clare Balding would appease the audience of their daily Wimbledon highlights show.

However, Wimbledon 2Day has been widely criticised with one person even trying to start a hashtag campaign against the new format.

Alison Graham, the TV critic of the Radio Times, called it “a mess, a giddy mix of inane tweets, snippets of matches (let’s not forget actual tennis is being played, something, presumably we all want to see, which is why we’ve tuned in) and a bit of chat. All marshalled by a panicky looking Clare Balding”.

This is the sort of thing appearing on the show in which the lack of highlights of the day's play has been the biggest criticism.


The backlash on Twitter has been strong...


Someone even tried to start a Twitter hashtag campaign...


But at least someone (a BBC presenter) enjoyed it...


A BBC spokesperson said: “We acknowledge that new formats can take some time to bed in with audiences, but we’re very pleased with the show and look forward to seeing it grow over the Championship.”