Wimbledon Diary: ‘Creepy’ officials under attack for checking on women’s underwear


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Is it wrong to ask to look at a woman’s underwear? Pat Cash thinks so and so, unsurprisingly, do female players at Wimbledon. Cash opened fire on the All England Club over their all-white policy, which has been reinforced for this year. The former champion said the policy “has absolutely gone ridiculous” and claimed that some players had been told to “change their bras and tops because they had slight colour on them” while another had to change blue underwear because it showed through when they got “sweaty”.

“I think it’s weird checking our underwear, don’t you think? I think it’s very weird to check under my skirt if I’m wearing white underwear,” said Barbora Zahlavova Strycova, conqueror of Li Na. Caroline Wozniacki thought any check on underwear would be “pretty creepy”.

Wimbledon pointed out all players had received a copy of the guidelines ahead of the tournament. If a player falls foul of the rules the organisers have a stock of appropriate garments on hand that can be bought “at cost price”.

Anderson becomes a fan

Kevin Anderson, the South African who did for Italy’s Mr Angry, Fabio Fognini, over five sets, was more unnerved about meeting a “living legend” than the task that awaited him on court. “I just bumped into Ricky Gervais upstairs,” said Anderson.

“I went and introduced myself. It was great. My hand started sweating. It’s just funny, when you’re not used to something, it’s amazing what you get nervous about,” Anderson confessed.