This week at the World Cup

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Moment of the week

Sachin Tendulkar sending the Bombay crowd into paroxysms of delight by flat-batting Shane Warne's first ball into the sightscreen. The Indian opener went on to take 10 runs off the over, but Warne's next nine overs cost only 18 runs as Australia won the match by 16 runs.

Team of the week

1 Aamir Sohail (Pak)

2 S R Tendulkar (Ind)

3 M E Waugh (Aus)

4 F Aponso (Neth)

5 M O Odumbe (Ken)

6 J N Rhodes (SA)

7 B M McMillan (SA)

8 I A Healy (Aus)

9 S K Warne (Aus)

10 P A Strang (Zim)

11 Waqar Younis (Pak)

England's humiliation of the week

Alec Stewart and Phil DeFreitas, being run out against South Africa with errors which would earn a rocket if committed in an under-11 game. Stewart did not even try to run his bat in while DeFreitas got his bat stuck in the turf short of the crease.

Quote of the week

"We came to the World Cup to prove that we could play and I think that we did prove that today. It is like having won the World Cup." Maurice Odumbe, the Kenyan captain, after his side's momentous win against the West Indies.