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1 Dream On - A Year in the Life of a Premier League Club, Alex Flynn and H Davidson (Pocket Books, paperback, pounds 6.99).

2 Combat Golf, Bruce Warren Ollstein (Viking, hardback, pounds 13.95).

3 Almanaque Do Futebol Brasileiro 1996/97, Marco Klein and Sergio Audinino (Escala, paperback, pounds 18.99).

4 Football and The English - A Social History of Football in England 1863 -1995, Dave Russell (Carnegie Publishing, paperback, pounds 11.95).

5 The Pride of North London - The Definitive History of Arsenal-Tottenham `Derby' Matches, Bob Goodwin (Polar Publishing, hardback, pounds 24.95).

6 Racers, Richard Williams (Viking, hardback, pounds 16.99).

7 Bad as I Wanna Be - Dennis Rodman with Tim Keown (Bantam Book, paperback, pounds 5.99).

8 An Intimate Portrait of the Tour De France, Philippe Brunel (Buonpane Publications, hardback, pounds 29.99).

9 Steve Waugh's World Cup Diary, Steve Waugh (Harper Sports, paperback, pounds 10.99).

10 Final Rounds - A Father, A Son, The Golf Journey of a Lifetime, James Dodson (Century, hardback, pounds 12.99).

Compiled by Sportspages Bookshops, 94-96 Charing Cross Road, London, 0171-240-9604; and St Ann's Square, Manchester, 0161-832-8530.