Torquay fall by the seaside

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Q. Thinking of recent Cup upsets, when did the last non-League club score more than four goals against League opposition?

A. The most recent occasion was in November 1992 when Yeovil Town went to Torquay United for an FA Cup first round proper match and won 5-2. One of the most remarkable FA Cup results occurred in December 1955 when Derby County lost 6-1 to Boston United. Boston fielded six ex-Derby players that day.

A Football League team making a habit of humiliating defeats were Mansfield Town. They lost at home to Matlock Town 5-2 in the 1976-77 season and finished as Third Division champions. In 1967 they had lost away to Tow Law Town 5-1. - Bob Allen, Stafford


Q. Who was the first sportsman or sportswoman to test positive for drugs? - T Leary, Glastonbury

Q. Under which captain has the England cricket team enjoyed the best record? - Mark Bowland, Cologne

Q. What is the first recorded instance, in any sport, of two teams wearing coloured strips? - Jane Bond, Inverness

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