Tyson set to break his silence

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Mike Tyson will look to distance himself from the promoter Don King tonight when the former undisputed world heavyweight champion holds a press conference in Cleveland, Ohio. But talk of King being sacked by Tyson is likely to be wide of the mark. Instead the boxer is expected to announce that he is taking more control of his affairs with King relegated to a less influential, but still significant, role.

It has been assumed that the 28-year-old fighter would return to the ring, but when and under whose management has been a source of wild speculation since his release last Saturday from an Indiana prison where he served three years for a rape conviction. Since Tyson's return to his estate in Southington, Ohio, he has avoided reporters and remained publicly silent on his career.

Tyson allegedly had a dispute with King over a homecoming party the promoter had arranged. It was suggested Tyson was upset that a camera crew was invited and that a champagne, shellfish and pork feast offended Tyson's Moslem beliefs.

It is not known either whether King will be at tonight's news conference, or if his long-time friends Rory Holloway and John Horne will continue as co-managers.

The promoter Murad Mohammad and the trainer Eddie Mustafa Muhammad have been mentioned as possibilities if Tyson continues to box, along with the veteran promoter Butch Lewis.