Baseball fan effortlessly catches a foul ball while feeding baby

In one of the most bizarre fan catches you’ll ever see – this is the best of them all

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Keith Hartley, a Chicago Cubs fan stole the catch from an opposition player, while bottle-feeding his seven-month old son, on Tuesday evening.

Fans interfering with play are usually frowned upon but this was a moment to be celebrated.

Hartley was afraid of the ball ricocheting off the railing and hitting his son so he intervened in the slickest way possible, and effortlessly plucked the ball out of the reach of Los Angeles’ first baseman, Adrian Gonzalez.

In normal circumstances, the audacious fan would be escorted out of the stadium but this level of multi-tasking must be applauded.

Kudos Keith Hartley, you’ve officially entered the realms of cool dad and the Internet loves you.

The Cubs went on to win the game 1-0, to extend their winning steak to four.