NBA announce new TV deal worth $24billion over nine years

The bumper deal will also see the salary cap increase

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The NBA has announced a new television deal worth $24billion (£15.9bn) over the nine years from 2016-2025.

The new deal, announced by league commissioner Adam Silver, will have huge ramifications for the players in the league, with the salary cap rising by an estimated $16m when the deal comes in the season after next.

It is worth nearly three times as much as the current deal with Disney-owned ESPN set to pay $1.4bn-per-season and TNT $1.2bn-per-year; this puts the deal just shy of the Premier League's massive deal with Sky and BT Sport, worth around £1.73bn ($2.8bn)-a-year.

"We ultimately made a decision that this was the right time to go," Commissioner Silver said at a news conference Monday. "These are extraordinarily healthy deals financially."

"I don't think we left any money on the table. We're confident that we maximised what our opportunity was in the marketplace."

The deal will see ABC/ESPN televise 100 national regular season games and TNT 64 over the season, more than ever, while NBA TV will have 100 regular season games of their own.

The league could see huge upheaval in the summer of 2016. With the new deal record contracts are expected to be handed out, while a number of stars hit the market to coincide with the opportunity.

LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Brook Lopez, Joakhim Noah and Roy Hibbert are all potentially on the market.