Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria injured by world's cutest dog, Lil' Rufio

6ft 7in, 19-stone tight end injured chasing his puppy around the house

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A 6ft 7in, 19-stone NFL player has been injured by his three-month-old puppy.

Joseph Fauria of the Detroit Lions sprained his ankle chasing his Pomeranian/Husky cross around his apartment last Wednesday.

Fauria has explained how he tried to stop his dog, Lil' Rufio who has his own Instagram account, weeing in his house, missed two steps and landed with awkwardly on his ankle.

"He was about to pee and I was like, 'Come here you little ... nugget,'" Fauria told ESPN on Monday.

"And I was chasing him downstairs. I wasn't running but I was chasing him downstairs and I just misstepped and I reached with my left foot and I just didn't end up well."

Rumours had been circulating that Fauria injured himself either at a bar or during a game of volleyball.

The second-year player was forced to miss the win against the New York Jets on Sunday.

This is the second bizarre Detroit Lions injury story of the season, after linebacker Stephen Tulloch injured his anterior cruciate ligament mid-game by doing a pelvic thrust.