VIDEO: American Football wide receiver plays dead in hilarious bluff... gets nailed in the face

Arkansas State Red Wolves attempt worst fake punt in College Football history

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The Arkansas State Red Wolves attempted to fool defenders of the Miami Hurricanes - but it went very badly for one man.

This play has been described as the worst play in American football history by the American media and it's easy to see why.

Rather than kicking the ball away to the opposition, head coach Blake Anderson opted for a fake punt.

During the play, which ended up with Luke Ferguson completely underthrowing his target and having the ball intercepted, wide receiver Booker Mays attempted to fake his own death.


Not only did his fake heart attack clearly do nothing to dupe the 'Canes defenders, as soon as he gets up Mays is absolutely walloped by Miami linebacker Thurston Armbrister.


This was part of a bad day for Arkansas State, who went on to lose the match 41-20.

Speaking on Tuesday, coach Anderson said that the faint was intentional.

"Because of the formation we were in for that fake punt, Booker was covered up and couldn't go downfield, or it would be a penalty," Anderson told College Football 24/7.

"So we said, 'What do we want to do with him? Do we want to bubble him or peel him out?' Someone said let's just let him be a fainting goat. I loved it, so we just put that in."

The 'fainting goat' is a popular YouTube video of a prank played on another college player, Bryn Renner, during a practice session - goats will play dead when scared.


"His job on that play was basically to not get a penalty by going downfield, because the fake was on the backside of the play. These kids have had five head coaches in five years, so we try to let them have fun."