Vogts relaxed on drink duty

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While the whole of England apears to be in a ferment over its beer-swilling footballers, Germany's coach, Berti Vogts, yesterday admitted that his nation's baggage contained a consignment of Bavarian brew and that there are no instructions on when it should be drunk.

Vogts was asked whether he had any objection to players having a drink after a game. "There are no instructions whatsoever and we honestly admit that we do have some Bavarian beer with us," he said.

The Bayern Munich defender Thomas Helmer, who will collect his 50th cap against the Russians at Old Trafford on Sunday, said: "Every player knows what he can do and what he must do, and to relax and drink beer in the evening is no problem.

"You do not play bad because you go to a disco, or you drink something, or smoke. It's not the reason for this; there must be other reasons. It really comes from what you do on the field, how you play. You must have discipline then you can win."