Welsh clubs and WRU play ball

Rugby Union
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Welsh rugby is on the verge of a compromise between clubs and country after a meeting in Cardiff last night between officials of the Welsh Rugby Union and First Division Rugby Limited, who represent the top 12 clubs in Wales.

The FDRL re-iterated its desire to organise and control its own club competitions and it was announced that it will work with the WRU in order to achieve this. It was also suggested this could be done as members of the Union.

The WRU officials will report back to the General Committee today, while members of FDRL will consult with the respective clubs with a view to obtaining the approval of its members to the proposals.

Meanwhile, Scottish Rugby Union officials are refusing to bow to pressure from players based outside Scotland, who want an increase in the amount of money on offer from contracts.

The leading 44 home-based Scotland players were offered full-time contracts by the SRU at the end of last week. It is understood that the amounts of money on offer are on a three-tier scale with the top players on pounds 50,000, the middle group earning pounds 30,000 and the third level receiving pounds 20,000.

Twelve Scottish exiles were simultaneously offered a different contract worth much less financially.