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The Nottingham Forest side that beat Malmo to win the European Cup in 1979 produced eight past or present managers, among them Tony Woodcock, whose experience so far has been gained wholly in Germany.

The Nottingham-born striker, who played for Cologne from 1979-82 before joining Arsenal, returned to Germany in 1986 and remained there. It is so much home to him that he speaks English with a German accent.

"I more readily speak German now," he said. "It can take a while to re- adjust to being English. It is a different culture but, then again, I am only 15 minutes from the airport; I can be in the West End in an hour and a half. The world gets smaller."

He occasionally thinks of returning. "I see the news on satellite television and when I hear about managerial changes I sometimes think I might just fancy. But you need all the qualifications to get a chance here. It takes four to five years to get them and I've got mine."

After an ill-starred 113 days in charge at VfB Leipzig last season, Woodcock now manages Preussen Cologne, a newly formed semi-professional club in the Third Division. "It has been built from nothing with a new stadium, new everything. It's an interesting challenge."

Now 39, Woodcock became a father last week for the third time when his German girlfriend, Daniela, gave birth to a daughter, Alexa. Married previously, his other children, Eliza, 11, and Jack, 14, live in Surrey.