Why the Bees will be buying British

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While Premiership managers are lining up continentals to reinforce their teams, David Webb of Brentford has some advice for his fellow managers in the lower divisions: Buy British.

"I won't be looking for players at Euro 96," Webb said. "There is no question those sort of players are out of the reach of clubs like Brentford. If I tell you I would expect any Euro 96 player signing for a Premiership club this summer to require a contractual package equivalent to the entire annual wage bill of Brentford's squad, including bonuses, you will get some idea of what we are up against. And that is the minimum."

Not that Webb is too disappointed that Brentford will be missing out on the European market. In fact, he defends the British game and the standard of home-grown players.

"It's all very well if the best players in the world are coming, but I'm not convinced we are in that market. A lot of the foreign imports are not the best available. There are just as many that come over here and do badly. Probably more. It is still a gamble. Clubs should show more confidence in British youngsters."