WIMBLEDON '95: Becker takes a back seat

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Boris Becker, the three-times Wimbledon champion, would like Andre Agassi to stay in the singles for a little longer. Well, at least until the pair meet, as they are seeded to do, in the semi-finals.

Becker, a very private person, is quite happy to let all the girls yell and scream when Agassi appears on court while he stays in the background.

"When you are very young it can be nice to be recognised and asked for autographs," Becker said. "But that doesn't last very long. When you can't go out to dinner without being hassled all the time it can be too much.

"I have never really liked to be that much in the spotlight so I'm glad that Andre has taken my place. I hope he's a long time in the tournament so he can get all the attention."

Becker himself is more than happy. He came into the championships with a suspect calf, but showed no sign of trouble during yesterday's fourth- round defeat of Dick Norman, of Belgium.