Wimbledon '96: Sampras highly strung

Court circular
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Pete Sampras, who is renowned for his methodical and professional approach to his sport, leaves little to chance.

He has six rackets strung every day, whether or not he gets on court. He also has his rackets strung at the highest tension of all the players, 71lb.

The higher the tension the more control a player has, while less tension means more power. Stefan Edberg has his rackets strung to 51lb and Derrick Rostagno to 33lb.

The first forged tickets of the championship were discovered yesterday. Club officials, working with the police on the championship's anti-tout operation, intercepted 10 Centre Court tickets valued at pounds 72 a pair, and being offered by touts at pounds 200 a pair.

Christopher Gorringe, the club's chief executive, said: "I urge most strongly that people should not buy tickets from unauthorised sources. Forged tickets will be confiscated and the holders denied access to the grounds. The public are reminded that any tickets other than Centre Court debentures are invalid if bought from an unauthorised source."